TowerJazz announces the creation and accreditation of Jazz Semiconductor Trusted Foundry

28.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Expands support for the US Aerospace and Defense market in its Newport Beach, CA facility

Lone Japanese semiconductor supplier ranked among top 10 in 1H13

27.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Competitive pressures, collapse of vertically integrated business model, increasing "asset-lite" strategies lead to Japan mergers, spinoffs


Michigan Tech researchers develop 3D graphene

22.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

One of the most promising types of solar cells has a few drawbacks. A scientist at Michigan Technological University may have overcome one of them.

Graphene nanoscrolls are formed by decoration of magnetic nanoparticles

19.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Researchers at Umeå University, together with researchers at Uppsala University and Stockholm University, show in a new study how nitrogen-doped graphene can be rolled into perfect Archimedean nano scrolls by adhering magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles on the surface of the graphene sheets.

Bruker appoints Thomas Bachmann as president of the Bruker BioSpin Group

19.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Bruker Corporation today announced the appointment of Thomas Bachmann as the new president of its Bruker BioSpin Group.

Despite challenges, industrial semiconductor market reports positive Q1

15.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

The market for semiconductors used in industrial electronics applications relished a better-than-expected first quarter as macroeconomic headwinds turned out to be less severe than initially feared.

Advancing resistive memory to improve portable electronics

14.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Researchers develop novel way to build resistive memory devices that could become the storage part of the next generation of smart phones and tablets.

Small, fast and not so demanding

14.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Breakthrough in memory technologies could bring faster computing, smaller memory devices and lower power consumption.

Si2 appoints John Ellis as VP of Engineering

14.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2), a global semiconductor standards consortium, announced today that it has appointed John Ellis as vice president of Engineering and officer of Si2.

Sono-Tek expands in-house laboratory testing facilities

13.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Sono-Tek Corporation, a global ultrasonic spray technology company, announces a just completed expansion of their laboratory testing facility, located at their corporate headquarters in Milton, NY.

Computer simulations reveal universal increase in electrical conductivity

12.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Computer simulations have revealed how the electrical conductivity of many materials increases with a strong electrical field in a universal way. This development could have significant implications for practical systems in electrochemistry, biochemistry, electrical engineering and beyond.

Diving deep — because materials matter

08.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

A note from Karen Sevala, president, SEMI Americas.

Compact linear piezo nanopositioning stage

07.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a manufacturer of nanopositioning equipment — offers the LPS-45 series of piezo positioning stages manufactured by PI subsidiary PI miCos.

Nanotechnology battery design gets boost from aligned carbon nanotubes

07.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a new flexible nano-scaffold for rechargeable lithium ion batteries that could help make cell phone and electric car batteries last longer.

Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech expands operations

05.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Ultratech, Inc. announced last week that it has moved Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech to Waltham, Mass.