Brewer Science: Simpler bonding/debonding process needed

18.07. 2013 Pete Singer

A variety of techniques and materials have been developed to successfully achieve bonding/debonding for 3D integration, but Tony Flaim, chief technology officer of Brewer Science (Rolla, MO) says they are still too complicated.

Hybrid Memory Cube nears engineering sample milestone

18.07. 2013 Pete Singer

Engineering samples of The Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) are expected this summer, with high volume manufacturing coming next year. It will be one of the first high volume devices employing 3D integration and through silicon vias (TSVs), employing a bottom logic layer and 4-8 stacked DRAM layers.

Semiconductor roadmapping update: Front-end technologies Part 1

15.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

In the afternoon of the last day of SEMICON/West 2013, a session was devoted to updates from the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Front End of Line Technologies.

New methods to reduce time and cost of R&D

10.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

SEMICON West 2013 included a robust set of technical and marketing presentations on the general theme of developing new semiconductor devices in the session “Lab to Fab: From R&D to High Volume Manufacturing” held 1:30-3:30PM on July 9.

SEMICON West keynoter outlines The Big Five Challenges of the semiconductor industry

10.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

When Ajit Manocha, GlobalFoundries CEO, polled his audience during his keynote address on Tuesday at SEMICON West 2013, nearly 60 percent of the audience believed that the biggest challenge facing the semiconductor industry was the economy. However, during his presentation, Manocha seemed to suggest otherwise.

450mm – It’s bigger than you think

06.06. 2013 Solid State Technology

Much has been said of the 450mm transition.  But the description of this inflection is something of a misnomer.

Reinventing Intel

19.04. 2013 Solid State Technology

The semiconductor chip giant revealed plans to branch out beyond PCs. Will it work?

Slide Show: Top 7 reliability challenges

18.04. 2013 Solid State Technology

We have assembled highlights of new reports on common reliability problems, such as BTI, TDDB, electron trapping, self-heating and aging. Click through to learn more about these problems and new research aimed at finding solutions.

IBM announces $1B investment in flash memory R&D

12.04. 2013 Solid State Technology

IBM announced plans on Thursday to invest $1 billion in flash memory research and development and launch a series of systems that will use solid state drives.