PC outlook lowered again

30.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Worldwide PC shipments are now expected to fall by -9.7 percent in 2013, further deepening what is already the longest market contraction on record.

Lone Japanese semiconductor supplier ranked among top 10 in 1H13

27.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Competitive pressures, collapse of vertically integrated business model, increasing "asset-lite" strategies lead to Japan mergers, spinoffs


Samsung introduces world’s first 3D V-NAND-based SSD

14.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Samsung today introduced the first solid state drive (SSD) based on its recently released 3D V-NAND technology. Samsung announced its new SSD, designed for use in enterprise servers and data centers, during a keynote at the Flash Memory Summit 2013.

Apple’s shift in chip manufacturing strategy boosts semiconductor foundry business

08.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

In an illustration of the massive power it wields in the electronics supply chain, Apple Inc.’s migration of the production of key semiconductors from Samsung to pure-play foundries will single-handedly boost the growth of the chip contract manufacturing market this year.

Samsung starts mass producing industry’s first 3D vertical NAND flash

06.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

New technology represents a breakthrough in overcoming NAND scaling limit and ushers in a new 3D memory era.

Quarterly semiconductor sales increase 6%, outperforming industry forecast

05.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today announced that worldwide sales of semiconductors reached $74.65 billion during the second quarter of 2013, an increase of 6 percent from the first quarter when sales were $70.45 billion.

Cascade Microtech and imec successfully probe 25µm-diameter micro-bumps

01.08. 2013 Solid State Technology

Cascade Microtech, Inc. and imec today announced breakthroughs in probing stacked integrated circuits (3D-SICs), fueling an important growth engine for the semiconductor market.

European-Japanese collaboration focuses on ‘Cloud of Things’ to support smart cities

23.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

CEA-Leti today announced that a group of European and Japanese companies, research institutes, universities and cities will work together in the ClouT project to deliver ways for cities to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing – to become smart cities.

Micron unveils 16nm Flash memory technology

16.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

World’s smallest semiconductor process node will feed the storage demands of consumer applications and data centers.

Leti and EV Group launch a common lab on wafer bonding technologies

10.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

Project targets more efficient 3D TSV integration and covalent bonding at room temperature

Boston University sues Apple over semiconductor patent infringement

04.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

Boston University filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc. and several other big tech companies over an alleged patent infringement, a thin film semiconductor technology that they claim was developed by one of their professors.

Global semiconductor sales jump by largest margin in over three years

01.07. 2013 Solid State Technology

Sales in May up 4.6 percent globally, 5.6 percent in the Americas compared to April.

The ConFab: Unleashing pent-up demand will spur semiconductor industry recovery

26.06. 2013 Solid State Technology

It’s no secret that 2012 was a rough year for the semiconductor industry, and while Bill McClean of IC Insights can’t predict the future, he did share encouraging data and thoughts on industry recovery at The ConFab on Monday, June 24.

Beyond silicon: Transistors without semiconductors

21.06. 2013 Solid State Technology

For decades, electronic devices have been getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. It's now possible—even routine—to place millions of transistors on a single silicon chip. But transistors based on semiconductors can only get so small.

DRAM market grows up

19.06. 2013 Solid State Technology

Industry’s newfound maturity yields growth amid adversity.