Researchers use diamond impurities to see on the microscopic scale

19.04. 2018 Quantum Physics News

It's not often that you see 50-year-old equipment in a modern physics laboratory, let alone find it at the center of cutting-edge research. But then, most such labs aren't run by Ronald Walsworth.

Scientists make counterintuitive observations in hybrid quantum systems

18.04. 2018 Quantum Physics News

A team of researchers from the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Tokyo and NTT Basic Research Laboratories (BRL, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) in Japan have published an explanation of how quantum systems may be able to heat up by cooling down. Their paper appeared recently in Physical Review Letters.

‘Perfectly frustrated’ metal provides possible path to superconductivity, other new quantum states

10.11. 2017 Quantum Physics News

The U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory has discovered and described the existence of a unique disordered electron spin state in a metal that may provide a unique pathway to finding and studying frustrated magnets.

Using mathematical methods to study complex biological networks

27.06. 2017 Quantum Physics News

Complex biological processes such as metabolism often involve thousands of compounds coupled by chemical reactions. These process chains are described by researchers as chemical reaction networks. Researchers from the University of Luxembourg have developed new mathematical methods to study the energetic properties of these networks. The scientists published their findings in the scientific journal Physical Review X.