News in Brief: Altered wine chemical helps kills cancer

02.10. 2013 Science News

Molecule brings its parent, resveratrol, into cells

Vitamin stops static electricity

19.09. 2013 Science News

Clearing out uncharged molecules may prevent charge buildup

Bacterial batteries get a solid boost

16.09. 2013 Science News

Using microbes to harvest energy from wastewater now has a silver lining

Notorious ‘Big G’ gets a little larger

12.09. 2013 Science News

Gravitational constant is difficult to measure, but physicists calculate new number

Toylike blocks make lightweight, strong structures

16.08. 2013 Science News

Instead of reducing parts, engineers suggest building planes from thousands of identical pieces

Quantum teleportation approaches the computer chip

14.08. 2013 Science News

Researchers transmit information from one tiny circuit to another

Doppler effect takes a spin

02.08. 2013 Science News

Light's twistiness allows researchers to measure rotating object's speed

News in Brief: Under magnet’s sway, fluids form simple structures

18.07. 2013 Science News

Droplets wiggle, split and coalesce into simple and dynamic configurations

Sound waves put levitation on the move

15.07. 2013 Science News

Technique transports nonmagnetic particles such as cells, water droplets and coffee grounds

Perfect mirror debuts

11.07. 2013 Science News

Material that reflects light without letting any escape could improve lasers

Particles defy gravity, float upstream

03.07. 2013 Science News

Inspired by tea leaves’ reverse route, physicists demonstrate that water’s surface tension allows unexpected movement

FOR KIDS: Wanted: ‘Smart’ cleaners

20.06. 2013 Science News

Active surfaces will – on their own – help remove everything from insects and germs to poisons

Echoes create an interior map app

18.06. 2013 Science News

To record size and shape of a room, researchers use a speaker, five microphones and some math

Simple invisibility cloaks hide toys, pets, people

14.06. 2013 Science News

With everyday materials, two research teams conceal ordinary objects

Hard Times for Theorists in a Post-Higgs World

13.06. 2013 Science News

The Large Hadron Collider’s big success leaves no clear avenue for new physics