Grytsenko K.V.

Гриценко К.В.

Senior Research Scientist of the Department of Optoelectronics of Semiconductor Molecular Systems, Institute of Semiconductor Physics
Research scientist, Wildau University
Phone, Fax:+380(44)5255530
Address: V.Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Nauki ave.45, Kyiv, 03028, Ukraine

1975, the Certificate of the Secondary School of Pavlograd town, Dnipropetrovsky District, Ukraine.
1975 – 1981, student, Engineering-Physical Faculty of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
Degree: MS in Physics of metals, 1981.
1993 – 1996 Post-graduate student, Metal-Polymer Research Institute of Belarus Academy of Sciences, 32a Kirova str., Gomel, Republic of Belarus.
Ph. D. in Material Sciences: “Design and research of thin film metal-polymer materials for optical information carrier” was defended in October, 2000, in Kharkov Institute for Monocrystals.

Academic Honors
2001 3 months Fellowship in Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Potsdam University funded by DAAD.
2003 1 month NATO Visiting Expert, Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Potsdam.
2005-2006 6 months visits to Wildau University in the frame of Agreement of cooperation between Ukrainian and German Academies of Sciences.
2003-2005, 2007-2008 and 2010-2012 manager of the projects funded by EU.
2008-2009 NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant, visits to De, It, Fr, At.
2010-2011 DAAD 3 months in TH Wildau

Foreign Languages: Fluent Russian and English, etwa Deutsch.

Employement and Experience
2005 – Research scientist, Wildau University, Temporary Contract.
1999 – present Senior Research Scientist of the Department of Optoelectronics of Semiconductor Molecular Systems, Institute of Semiconductor Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
1996 – 1999 Research Scientist of the Thin Film Physics and Technology Department, Metal-Polymer Research Institute of Belarus National Academy of Sciences.
1981 – 1993 Engineer, Researcher of the Optical Carriers Department of Institute for Problems of Information Recording of NASU.

Research Accomplishment
Experimental investigation of structure, composition and optical properties of polymer, dye and metal-polymer thin films deposited by different methods from active gas phase: evaporation in vacuum, laser sputtering, plasma dissociation of MOC. Combined deposition methods for molecules with complex chemical structure. Dye-polymer nanocomposite film preparation. Interaction of materials with laser radiation, optical induced processes in thin films. Nano-composite thin films for nonlinear optics, nano-photonics and sensors.

List of selected publications
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Conference reports
1. K.Grytsenko, S.Schrader, O.Tolmachev, Yu.Slominski, V.Barachevsky, O. Kobeleva, ”“Nonconventional properties of dyes in polytetrafluoroethylene matrix”, Abstr. Book: Conf. EOS Paris, October 2010.
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